Mine me a flat - simply with your browser

Computed hashes: 73728 hashes/s
Mined XMR: 0.00000381 XMR
Mined USD: 0.0012 USD

What is a goal of this site?

The goal of this site is to mine money to buy an small (2 rooms) apartment in my city. This goal seems high but is achievable. Final level is 250.000 $.

How users can help with achieving this goal?

Simply. Just click "Start mining" button in miner UI at this site. Users can help me just with browsing this site. For example when you are on lunch, going to walk or just to toilet. Even 5 minutes counts.

How does it work?

This site use built in JavaScript miner for mining Monero cryptocurrency. The miner works in web browser while user is browsing the site. The power of this solution is distribution computers all over the world. Each of these computers themselves has small power but together they can make huge computing power. More info at coinhive.com.

Is it safe?

Definitely yes. There is no need to worry about security. However, some antivirus programs may report the presence of malware (this site is not malware because user is informed about mining).

About me

I am 27 yo graduate in IT who wants to try power of the Internet. And of course I wanna live in own apartment. :)
Thank you for your computing performance for my dream.

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